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Feb. 11th, 2009

PhotobucketWhen my sister was visiting the last time she took a lot of pictures of Boo.  Somewhere around one hundred I think. My sister wants her own photography business, but right now she is doing it for free as a hobby.  She told me that she will do my wedding and then my maternity shots when I get pregnant. 

I got this really cute Hello Kitty watch from McDonalds.  I'm supposed to be packing. This weekend I am moving into the very same two bedroom apartment that I used to share with Andy.  The last occupants were crazy heroin addicts or something that trashed the place, so they are redoing everything.  It will be like a whole new place.  Nonetheless I am smudging the place with lots of sage before I start moving stuff in.  I do not want ghosts of failed relationship past to ruin the awesome kickass thing I have going now. 

I went to Office Max today and got new colored gel pens.  I took a detour through the laptop aisle though and saw this really really small and cute and pink laptop I want to buy this weekend. I kept standing there staring at it saying "wow wow wow" and the salesguy was looking at me like I was nuts and nodding his head.

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